Pole people to decorate Your
Step or Garden
Scroll work of all type.
Made to display indoors or out in the garden. Many different types. The main body is made
of landscaping log. All parts are cut, sanded and primed then painted with exterior latex
paint. Assembled mostly with counter sunk screws that are plugged. These are made to last.
Puzzles cut of 3/4" Pine. Puzzimals are animal puzzles that the inside of the puzzle spells out
the animals name or breed. Puzzimals are made to stand on their own when assembled.  
Planters of many styles , yard decorations and other items, made to last.
Many different items to be hung on your wall or displayed on a plate hanger. Mostly made of pine
finished in different stains.

People     Some famous and some not.

Wild and Farm Animals


Circles       6" cut outs of dog breeds and cats. Over 50 breeds available and working on more

Pets        Dog, cat and other pet wooden pictures

Dog Bones and Other Signs Welcome signs, Dog bone signs

Sports Scrollwork   Football helmets and Footballs and more items to come

Transportation landscapes   Includes trains, Lighthouse and Flowers more to come

Fun and Misc. Scrollwork   Includes Child items and funny pieces
Woodcrafts for indoors and out
Scroll work
Ray's Knotty Art
Scroll work and other special occasion items
No Stock on hand at this time
Items of all kinds. Planter sticks, Toys, fun items.
Wooden art made from your photo's.
Sport pole peoples with your team colors.
Other things that you may think of.  Samples of past orders can be seen on this page.
Puzzles of your favorite
breed of dog
Decoupage pictures, coasters and blocks. Custom orders
taken using your pictures.
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