The Name?
Let me explain. Most of the
items I make are made of  
what is called "Knotty Pine".
The Biz?
I have been doing wood
crafting for sale about 13
years now. Most of the
items I make are patterns I
purchased. There are a
few of my own design such
as the Gnome and some
special orders.
Why I do this?
I enjoy making things with my hands and my wife lets me as
long as she has first choice. If I can make a few dollars at
this it is the best job I ever had.

I also enjoy doing the shows and meeting so many nice
people. It is fun to see the expressions of some people
when they look at my stock.
Friends from
shows and
Farmers Market
Ray's Knotty Art
About Us
Cordova, TN area. Work shop is in my garage so staining
and finishing is depending on warmer weather.
My products
All Items are handcrafted, no lasers or CNC machines here.
I do not resell anyone else's product. I am proud of the
quality I put into them. If I don't like a final product I don't sell
K & B Treats
Gourmet Pet